About Me

Welcome to my website, AngelaFrancesWaterson.com!

My artwork is composed of various layers of photographs, collected over many years, that capture a sense of acknowledgement, creating spaces with meaning to me. The source photographs are chosen mainly for their colour, texture, light, line and history. The intention of my work is to encourage a dialogue with the viewer regarding an unknown place created through digital manipulation.

If you would like further information about my art, or wish to purchase any of the works, please do not hesitate to email me at: angelawaterson1@bigpond.com




My Qualifications:

2011 Master of Fine Art and Design (Photography). University of Tasmania.

I gained my Master of Fine Art and Design (Photography) over three years part time. During the first year, my work was based at the Penitentiary Chapel and Historic Site. The following two years I studied under-clothing, corsets and bodices of the early settlers of the 1800’s at Narryna Heritage Museum. I also produced a book of 40 images, entitle ‘SEWN’, that highlighted the dexterity of the seamstresses and dressmakers of that time. My final series ‘Garments of the 1800’s’ focused on women and children’s clothes from the Narryna collection.

2008 Bachelor of Fine Art and Design. University of Tasmania.

My work culminated with the ‘Meeting Apollo’ series in which I altered the basic photographic realism of images to challenge the viewer’s understanding of their photographic veracity.

Solo Exhibitions
2009 evoking the macabre. Penitentiary Chapel and Historic Site, Hobart
2008 Meeting Apollo. University Club of Western Australia. Perth, Western Australia
2008 Meeting Apollo. Wilderness Gallery, Cradle Mountain,Tasmania

Group Exhibitions
2013 Images 16.Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania
2012 Images 15. Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania
Osmosis Exhibition at Long Gallery Salamanca focusing on Sullivans Cove
2012 on the edge…exhibition held to celebrate the township of Dover 150 years.
2012 Reading Tasmanians. Allport Museum Hobart
2011 INFINITUS. Plimsoll Gallery. University of Tasmania
2011 Images 14. Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania
2011 Estia Art Show
2010 Images 13. Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania
2010 Estia Art Show
2009 Images 12. Long Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania
2007 ….a glass lightly. Entrepot Gallery, Tasmania
2006 Foto 2. second year student exhibition, University of Tasmania